PreEmptive Solutions and Microsoft Corp. Partner to Provide Exception Analytics in Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012

With their official press release, Microsoft announced the inclusion of a light version of PreEmptive Analytics inside Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012. While PreEmptive’s code protection product, Dotfuscator, has been inside Visual Studio since 2003, the addition of analytics represents a material expansion to our value proposition.  Because of this, our Visual Studio 2012 version has been renamed PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator Community Edition™. You can find “PreEmptive Dotfuscator and Analytics CE” on the tools menu of Visual Studio 2012 in all versions except Express.

Click on it and follow some easy steps to configure analytics to collect information and/or apply code protection which helps prevent against tampering and reverse engineering. You can direct application analytics to our Runtime Intelligence Services in the cloud. Of if you are using TFS, point the exception reporting at your TFS Server (on premise or in the cloud). Then, configure “PreEmptive Analytics” included with TFS to receive the production incidents and create work items based on rules you specify. Lastly, collect, analyze, and surface exception analytics automatically inside TFS and rapidly respond to what is happening in production.

Using PreEmptive Analytics CE inside Visual Studio and TFS 2012, you already have technology to easily collect and “make actionable” production incidents (exceptions) from your applications in production. You already have automatic intelligent creation of TFS work items to solve the issues that affect most of your customers or your most important customers first.

As developers transition into more frequent deployments, it’s more important than ever to have analytics everywhere, and actionable everyday. That’s why we have partnered with Microsoft to deliver feedback-driven development and operations capabilities in the box for Visual Studio and TFS 2012.

PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator are the only software components embedded inside Visual Studio not directly developed by Microsoft. The alignment of technology and product strategy ensures that PreEmptive software is rigorously tested as a part of each Visual Studio release. We are proud to play a strategic role in the Microsoft ecosystem by helping Visual Studio and TFS users build better software by increasing developer productivity, improving user experience, increasing operational transparency, and securing intellectual property. And we are excited to make Microsoft’s DevOps story more complete by complimenting tools like Intellitrace.

PreEmptive Solutions has over 5,000 corporate clients worldwide and software on millions of desktops. Microsoft believed enough in our protection and analytics software to put a community edition inside Visual Studio.  Fire up PreEmptive Dotfuscator and Analytics in Visual Studio 2012 and start protecting your code and making great choices based on real world information. Not sure which version of our software has the functionality you need? Check out our professional SKUs and compare them to the community versions here.

For a short video that introduces PreEmptive Analytics click here.

For a short demo of PreEmptive Analytics click here.

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