PreEmptive Solutions’ core mission is to help our clients build better software by securing intellectual property and providing powerful insight into how users interact with your applications, and making actionable the issues that they may experience. We provide an integrated application monitoring, analytics and protection platform for any type of application (desktop, cloud, web, mobile, on-premise, or off-premise). Leveraging PreEmptive’s application analytics and protection solutions, development organizations materially improve application quality and user satisfaction as well as mitigate the risks of IP theft or tampering of their applications.

PreEmptive Solutions has two primary product lines which are inter-related: PreEmptive Protection and PreEmptive Analytics.

Our PreEmptive Protection products (Dotfuscator for .NET and DashO for Java) significantly reduce the risks of reverse engineering through a combination of code obfuscation, optimization, and tamper detection technology. This helps organizations secure their IP, reduce piracy and prevent tampering of their applications.

PreEmptive Analytics provides development teams with the ability to collect runtime data directly from production apps running “in the wild”. Our suite of analytics products includes:

A light version of PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator called the community edition is included in Microsoft Visual Studio. The alignment of technology and product strategy ensures that PreEmptive’s software is rigorously tested as a part of each Visual Studio release. PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator Professional supports all versions of the .NET platform. PreEmptive Analytics and DashO Professional support all versions of the Java and Android platforms. We “light up” your applications to trace adoption, usage, and exception activity whether its .NET, Java, Javascript or native.