Application Monitoring

Near real-time monitoring of your applications anywhere on any platform: Mobile, Desktop or Cloud.

Track Usage & Analyze Growth Rates

Track application usage and monitor growth rates at both the application and feature level to make critical business decisions.

Track Adoption Rates Across Versions

What if your average software version is adopted by the majority of your users over 9 months; but your software release cycle is every 3? Track adoption rates across major and minor versions and adapt your release cycle to save costs of release planning and testing.

Where is your Application Running?

Using geolocation, you can see a map of where your software is running. This can help with decisions to localize into different languages. If 40% of your users are in Germany, you can start testing the viability of localizing your software in German.

Tracking Shadow IT Applications in the Enterprise

Is Shadow IT a problem for your IT organization? Track applications built for one time use that are still in production today.

  • Track Stability

    By tracking incomplete sessions and application exceptions by version, you can see positive or negative trends in your software quality. You can also see how long it takes a version (across multiple minor software releases) to stabilize.

  • Monitor Serial Number Usage

    Integrate RI into your support team so they can see how a given serial number is using the software, see their exceptions, and feature usage and more.

Integrate Application Monitoring

  • Step 1

    Inject RIS Code to define parameters directly in your .NET or Java application. See how

  • Step 2

    Deploy your application to production.

  • Step 3

    Log on to Runtime Intelligence.

Roll your own solutions custom to your needs

Application Monitoring gives a peek into user behavior - no matter what platform or part of your nework