Application Feature Tracking

Know how each feature is being used and how much it is worth.

Keep the Right Features

Kill that feature that is costly to maintain but only 3% of your users are using. Know how many customers are using features that rely on an older technology preventing you from leveraging newer technologies. Track and monitor customer information by feature and map that to your internal systems for usage-based billing.

What is that Feature Worth?

Map usage stats to customer data to see which customers are using each feature. Know what features are keeping your biggest customers happy.

  • Get more user friendly

    Trace how users traverse your features and know which features are tripping people up. Know where and how to surface new features.

  • Convert the Trial Users

    See how and what features are being tried in trial downloads and improve conversions knowing what to focus on.

Start Feature Tracking

  • Step 1

    Inject RIS Code to define parameters directly in your .NET or Java application. See how

  • Step 2

    Deploy your application to production.

  • Step 3

    Log on to Runtime Intelligence.

Feature level tracking has given us insight into our sales funnel, and find potential problems with customer dropouts."

Gregory Johnson
President, Lazycat Labs, LLC