Runtime Intelligence for WP7 exceeds developer expectations: 87.1% of developers with apps on the marketplace indicate that Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone either “set the WP7 platform apart from all other mobile platforms” or added “significant value.”

The following survey results are based upon the responses to a survey that was distributed to developers actively developing with PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone. With a data set of roughly 1,300 and a response rate of 20%, this survey offers current view into the WP7 development community.

Respondents described themselves as follows:

Application Deployment

  • 37.0% already have 1 or more apps in the marketplace
  • 4.7% have submitted apps to the marketplace
  • 24.6% scheduled apps for submission in next 4 weeks
  • 33.6% said “other”

Developing on other mobile platforms:

27% of respondents also develop software for one or more mobile platforms in addition to WP7. Specifically,

  • 19.5% say they also develop for Android
  • 18.2% say they also develop for iPhone
  • 4.1% say they also develop for RIM
  • 1.4% say they also develop for Symbian

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