Runtime Intelligence Service - Instrumentation, Monitoring, BPM/BI metrics for .NET and Java

Application Analytics

The following chart summarizes the functional and usage differences of your available hosted Runtime Intelligence Services environments.



A dedicated endpoint for "user-client" developers and applications.


Endpoint is shared by all PreEmptive commercial clients and available in multiple subscription options.

 Sessions & Session Durations Included Included
Feature Usage & Durations Included Included
Extended Key (Custom) Data Included Included
Unique User Data Included Included
Exception Reports Included Included
User Hardware Profiles Included Included
Runtime Performance Included Included
Application Tamper Detection


Default or custom action


Default or custom action

Shelf Life Expiry Notification



End User Opt-In Mechanism Included Included
SSL Support Included Included
Data Visibility Visible to "user-client" only Visible to commercial client
Customized privacy, data retention, and SLA policies Included  
Daily raw message data files (.csv) Included Included
On-demand raw data access Included Included
RESTful API Included Included
Admin access and privileges Included  

User, data, or bandwidth constraints

None within architecture constraints for analytics

Varies based on subscription level

Technical Support

Full Full

Customized subscription options

Annual Subscription

Pricing See Pricing
See Pricing
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Download Evaluation

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