Runtime Intelligence Service - Instrumentation, Monitoring, BPM/BI metrics for .NET and Java

Application Analytics


PreEmptive Analytics Runtime Intelligence Service is a managed service which provides critical insight into the adoption, usage, performance, and impact of production applications to facilitate feedback-driven development and enhance software quality, user experience, and decrease the mean time to improve an application.

With PreEmptive Analytics Runtime Intelligence Service:

  • Create the most marketable application by knowing what features are being used, user location and platform details
  • Have clear evidence to make a case for when a feature can be deprecated, saving development time and money
  • Improve overall user experience to reduce support and operation expenses
  • View data and reports from anywhere, anytime with our intuitive portal
  • Collect custom data and export all data to create custom reports
  • Receive live support with quick, proven response times

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... developers can now protect, manage and increase the value of their application development investments easily and without having to write additional code.”

Norman Guadagno
Director of Product Management for Visual Studio Team System
Microsoft Corporation