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Customer Experience Improvement Program

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    Solid Answers to Hard Questions

    PreEmptive Solutions Customer Experience Improvement Program provides answers to many of the most important and elusive questions that development organizations have often had to live without.

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  • What’s running?

    What applications, versions of applications, components and features within applications, and methods within those features?

    Under what conditions?

    What operating system and framework, cpu, memory, and disk capacity, screen resolution and video chip?

    How’s it doing?

    How stable, what are the performance characteristics, what are the user patterns and practices that are emerging?

    How does it compare?

    Are new features being adopted, is the hosted version performing better than the installed equivalent?

    Is it making a difference?

    What is the development ROI? Are sales increasing, productivity improving, and satisfaction trending upwards?

  • Create New Revenue Sources

    The PreEmptive CEIP spans traditional and emerging platforms from the cloud to the handheld, providing a unique ability to measure new business models, deployment strategies, and packaging options based upon ACTUAL adoption.

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Customer-centric innovation in the creation of new products, services and markets will replace the existing enterprise-centric design and process focus. Engineer systems around listening to the customer, proactive messaging, and predictive engagement.”

Michael Maoz
Context-Aware Computing: Improving the Customer Experience.
Gartner, Inc.
August 10, 2009