New with Dotfuscator: Application & Data Risk Management

Top 5 reasons why Dotfuscator’s new anti-debugging and anti-tamper technology is changing the way developers manage risk.

  • Offers one control to manage multiple, material risks – risks stemming from unauthorized data access, decompilation, application tampering, and unauthorized debugging. 
  • Combines real-time, cross-platform defenses with world-class monitoring and analytic solutions – integrates with preferred monitoring and analytics solutions from Microsoft, Google, New Relic and even Twitter.
  • Does not require coding to secure and harden applications or the deployment of runtime agents to capture production attacks or Internet connectivity to report incidents.
  • Fits seamlessly into your preferred DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management toolchain(s) and process(es). 
  • Is included as a standard feature in the latest release of Dotfuscator Professional – existing users have access to this powerful application and data protection functionality immediately.
  • (We know the title is “Top 5 reasons,” but PreEmptive always works to exceed expectations) Native Android and Java developers have the identical capabilities available to them as well– utilizing PreEmptive Solutions DashO.