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PreEmptive protects intellectual property (trade secrets) and code integrity, and ultimately reputation and revenue against piracy, counterfeiting and tampering. Our layered security and obfuscation protection is directly infused into your .NET, Java, Android, Javascript and iOS applications and that means we do not require an agent or changes to your end user’s computer/device or network. More than just a code obfuscator, we help you manage application risks.

Our products for mobile, desktop, server and embedded apps:

  • Protect against passive attacks such as decompiling & reverse engineering
  • Protect against active attacks such as debugging and tampering
  • Report and react to active attacks

Which provide organizations with:

  • The ability to quickly fortify and protect legacy as well as new applications
  • The confidence to release high-value applications into untrusted environments, such as desktop, mobile, public cloud and embedded 
  • An ability to react against debugging to thwart attackers attempts to view sensitive data, circumvents critical checks, and modify code

Additionally, our solutions:

  • Offer the strongest protection without breaking standards
  • Are continually being improved to keep ahead of decompilers and hackers
  • Support highly-complex development and build environments
  • Cover the platforms you care about most – from .NET to Java, Android, Javascript and iOS
  • Are infused into the binary of your application. We don’t require source code, so there is no disruption to your development cycle
  • Includes dedicated, live support
  • Quick and easy to use!

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