How Does PreEmptive Rank on the Review Sites?

When searching for new software application development tools and utilities, most people check out third-party review sites like G2 and Capterra. These sites contain insights from tech professionals willing to share their experiences of the real-world benefits and drawbacks of working with various technologies. These reviews and recommendations help us decide whether a product fits our needs.  

While seeing many positive reviews for a product is reassuring, most experienced customers have questions about how impartial they are. Most of us trust impartial reviews where the person providing feedback has no affiliation with a product. That builds more confidence regarding the genuineness of the review when it comes to whether a piece of software delivers on its promise.  

Third-party reviews represent more than just opinions. They serve as essential guides regarding software security. These sites fill a gap by providing honest assessments and unfiltered views from actual users. That gives potential customers a complete understanding of a product’s capabilities.  

That is especially important when protecting code from decompilation, reverse engineering, and security breaches. Are you curious about what users think of PreEmptive solutions? We have compiled feedback from top third-party review sites. Look at some of them below.  

🛡 Dotfuscator 

Software built with .NET framework or Xamarin contains a high level of intermediate code and a lot of metadata. Anyone with the proper technical knowledge and access to free, automated tools could reverse-engineer an application, risking a company’s intellectual property.  

Dotfuscator provides software protection and hardening for .NET and Xamarin applications. It also modifies executables to stop hackers from attempting to reverse-engineer the capabilities while leaving them usable. Other features offered by Dotfuscator include: 

  • Renaming — Changes the names of identifiers to make it harder to dismantle code and understand how it works.  
  • Anti-tamper — Detects activation of tampered applications and responds, including shutting them down. 
  • Anti-debug — Checks for debuggers attached to running applications and responds, including termination. 
  • Anti-rooted device — Scans for applications running on rooted Android devices. 

This obfuscation tool offers companies a secure way to harden their applications in multiple ways. Let’s look at what actual users say about Dotfuscator’s effectiveness.  

G2 reviewers who work at companies with fewer than 50 people highly praised the technology. Greg D., an infrastructure engineer, uses the tool to obfuscate .NET DLLs for ASP.NET sites hosted externally in Azure. He appreciates the personalized service provided by the owners. Greg D. thinks that, because of the multiple options offered by Dotfuscator, adding some sort of wizard to break down how to use each component would be helpful.  

Another user at a small company, Brian T., appreciates the quick and painless setup of Dotfuscator for different projects. Enterprise user Jeff G., who works at a company with over 1,000 employees, enjoys the ability to detect running versions of their applications on rooted devices and the overall security protections offered.  

🛡 DashO 

DashO provides obfuscation and application hardening capabilities to companies that build mobile apps using Java, Android, or Kotlin. In addition to obfuscating code, DashO adds extra layers of security to make it harder for hackers to figure out what makes your app tick. It is invaluable in helping companies protect intellectual property after release to places such as Google Play and Apple Store.  

Configuring projects is a snap using the included GUI and following the wizard if needed. Developers can protect their entire codebase without having to make changes. There’s also a DashO version available for iOS. You can see how impressed users are with the tool by checking out the following G2 reviews.  

One mid-market user on G2 who works at a company with between 500 and 1,000 employees appreciates DashO’s completeness. That means they get everything they want in one place instead of bouncing from one tool to another.  

Another G2 user mentioned the ease of integrating DashO into a cloud build pipeline. Most users appreciated the thoroughness of the obfuscation provided. Others appreciated the security features that reinforced their code builds and protected applications from hacking attempts.  

Lokender Y., a software developer, highlighted how DashO destroyed the code patterns used by decompilers to recreate code. Samir S. liked that you could protect code in modules built for different purposes, such as IP and data theft.  

🛡 JSDefender 

Tools such as Node.js, the evolution of TypeScript, and the rise of various frameworks like React and Next.js have popularized the use of JavaScript for application development. JSDefender does for JavaScript applications what Dotfuscator does for .NET and Xamarin, and DashO does for mobile app development.  

Unlike .NET and Java applications, platforms built with JavaScript distribute their code in source form. That makes it possible for anyone with access to a browser to figure out how your code works, locate vulnerabilities, and then leverage the code to wreak havoc.  

JSDefender provides additional layers of protection to stop this from happening, including: 

  • Adding false conditional statements and other misleading constructs to code causes confusion 
  • Moves functions from one location to another 
  • Transforms direct property access to indirect property access 
  • Turns literal assignments into multiple assignment statements 
  • Replaces the original value of string variables with corresponding values, making them hard to trace 
  • Separates variable declarations and initializations 

Based on reviewers who left feedback on G2, DashO provides JavaScript developers with confidence about the security of their applications. Usmangani P., a Sr. Project Manager, appreciates how thoroughly DashO protects JavaScript code. He does warn about issues the tool had with working with the eval() function.  

Quality engineer Kanakam G. uses DashO to locate vulnerabilities when performing static application security testing (SAST). Another user, global marketing manager Irina S., liked the ease of installation and the availability of ransomware protection, password management, and two-factor authentication. Irina also mentioned how DashO never interfered with application performance, regardless of age.  

🙏🏼 Become Proactive About Security With PreEmptive Solutions 

We’ve highlighted reviews from a few satisfied customers thrilled with PreEmptive’s ability to protect software built using different languages and frameworks. Contact us today to get set up with a free trial of one of our solutions.