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Use the PreEmptive Analytics Community Workbench with Your Applications

PreEmptive's Dotfuscator and Analytics Community Edition (included with Visual Studio 2010 and up) allows anyone to automatically inject usage tracking functionality into any .NET application, and for that usage data to be reported to the PreEmptive Analytics Community Workbench. This allows you to monitor how many times your application is run, which features are being used, and how stable it is, for free.

It is also possible to use Dotfuscator Professional or DashO Professional with the Community Workbench, by adapting the instructions below to those user interfaces. We recommend against doing so, however, because the Community Workbench provides no privacy or security for your data (see the next paragraph) and does not allow customization. Instead, if you are interested in evaluating the Workbench, please contact us and we can set up a dedicated demo environment for you.

Note: the Community Workbench comes with no guarantees or service level agreements. It does not use SSL (encryption) when transmitting data to the endpoint, and all data received is visible to all users, without authentication. Certain features of the Community Workbench are restricted, compared to the commercial product.

For information on customization, access to all Workbench features, improved security, and additional client-side capabilities, please contact us.

To instrument an application for use with the Community Workbench:

  • Launch PreEmptive Dotfuscator and Analytics from the Visual Studio Tools menu.
  • Instrument your application according to the instructions in the help manual for your version of Dotfuscator.
  • When configuring your BusinessAttribute, set the CompanyKey to 7d2b02e0-064d-49a0-bc1b-4be4381c62d3.
  • When configuring your SetupAttribute, choose the Community Workbench or PreEmptive’s Free Runtime Intelligence Services (depending on the version of Dotfuscator) or manually set it to
  • Deploy and run your application.
  • Monitor your application’s usage by browsing to and selecting your application from the All Applications dropdown.