DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V11.1 Build 0 – Release Date December 10, 2020

DashO Change Log

Published on December 10, 2020 by Alexander Goodwin

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Change Log – Version 11.1.0 – Release Date December 10, 2020


This release may contain protection enhancements not described here.

  • Support for processing bytecode from Java 15 (except the Records and Sealed Classes preview features).
  • DashO now saves the project file XML with attributes sorted by name (rather than random order).
  • Added an option to control whether injected string decrypters call intern() on decrypted strings.
  • Improved the samples.


  • Updated to use ASM version 9.0.
  • Updated to use Apktool version 2.5.0.
  • Updated to include AdoptOpenJDK JRE version in the installers.


  • Fixed an issue where DashO would encounter an exception under certain conditions when using an evaluation license.
  • Fixed a build script parsing issue in the Android Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue where DashO reported a renaming collision when there was no renaming input map.