DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V4.1 Build 2 – Release Date June 19, 2008

DashO Change Log

Published on June 19, 2008 by Michelle Pruitt

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Change Log – Version 4.1.2 – Release Date June 19, 2008

New Features:

  • New Project Wizard in the File > New Project menu. You can have DashO’s New Project Wizard create a project for your application. The Wizard can create projects for libraries, applications, or WAR files. WAR file obfuscation requires installing DashO’s Ant tasks.


  • Control flow re-ordering is stable between obfuscation runs so that methods that trigger JIT compiler issues can be safely excluded.
  • When creating an output jar with a manifest, the name of the manifest may be a jar name. This jar is then used as the source for the manifest that will be placed in the output jar.


  • Entry points that reference excluded classes are now generate a warning and are ignored rather than halting the build.
  • DashO now excludes all packages that are defined in JDK 1.6.
  • INCLUDEJAVA and INCLUDESUN global options have been removed. These options are ignored and removed from the project file.
  • PACKAGERTJARCLASSES global option has been renamed to NODEFAULTEXCLUDES. The old option is automatically renamed when you save a project file. When this option is specified DashO does not use its internal list of Java packages that are excluded – only the exclusions in the project file will be used.

Resolved Issues for:

  • Null Pointer Exception when opening translator dialog.
  • Incremental renaming performance problems with large class hierarchies.
  • Messages not appearing on the problems tab.
  • Typing property reference in report name field causes exception.
  • Non-class file editing boxes being enabled when no item has been selected.
  • Build halted when field references are made to missing classes even when IGNORENOTFOUNDCLASSES has been specified. A warning is now generated.
  • Build halted when generic signatures make reference to missing classes even when IGNORENOTFOUNDCLASSES has been specified. A warning is now generated.