DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V7.2 Build 0 – Release Date October 17, 2013

DashO Change Log

Published on October 17, 2013 by Michelle Pruitt

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Change Log – Version 7.2.0 – Release Date October 17, 2013


  • Several enhancements to the PreEmptive Analytics API client for Java/Android
  • Android supports offline storage of analytic messages.
  • Added configurable retry timer in case network connectivity is lost.
  • Support for TimeToLive functionality allowing expiration of offline stored messages.

  • Support for deleting old messages from cache if there is no space for newer messages.
  • Support for omitting Personally Identifiable Information(PII) from analytics messages.
  • Added a generated and persistent unique Application Instance ID when none is provided to the Java or Android APIs.
  • Added keywords “All” and “None” to the debug and attribute types in the DashO configuration file.
  • Multiple FeatureTick, FeatureStart, and FeatureStop messages can be attached to the same method using Virtual Annotations.


  • The PA API removes invalid XML characters from strings.
  • The PA API now sends the correct Message Group header with offline messages.
  • It is now possible to remove debug information when running ‘ant obfuscate debug’ on an Android project.
  • Fixes failure when a SpringBean’s parent classes are in the support libraries.


  • The PA API will now retry sending messages periodically.