PreEmptive Protection - DashO v8.2 User Guide

Getting Version Information

If you use PreEmptive Protection - DashO in an automated process you can get version information by calling methods on classes in DashO. The DashOPro.jar contains classes that have static methods that return version information. These classes are: DashOPro, DashOProGui, and Watermarker.

The classes contain the following static methods:

  • static String getVersion() - The version number in N.N.N format, e.g. 6.12.0

  • static int getVersionMajor() - The major version number, e.g. 6

  • static int getVersionMinor() - The minor version number, e.g. 12

  • static int getVersionRevision() - The revision number, e.g. 0

  • static String getFullVersion() - A human readable version of the version number. This may include text besides the version in N.N.N format.

  • static String getFileVersion() - The version number of the DashO project file used by this release, in N.N.N format. This may be different from the version returned by getVersion().

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