PreEmptive Protection - DashO v8.2 User Guide


If your application is brand new, meaning there are no existing serialized objects within your application, then serialization may not be an issue for you. Classes that were serializable before PreEmptive Protection - DashO obfuscated them will still be serialized afterwards.

If you have persistent objects already in existence, then you need to identify which classes they were created from before running DashO. Method/field removal and renaming will make reloading these objects impossible. The simple solution is to unconditionally include the classes. List all your to-be-serialized objects there.

DashO automatically keeps fields with the name serialVersionUID intact (no removal or renaming) to facilitate compatibility between versions. In addition, if the readObject(), writeObject(), writeReplace(), or readResolve() methods of the serializable framework are used DashO will automatically treat them as entry points.

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