Setting DashO Home

Setting DashO Home

The ant-dasho.jar file contains only the tasks and related classes, not DashO itself. The tasks need to know the location where PreEmptive Protection DashO is installed, specifically, the directory containing DashOPro.jar. There are several ways to specify its value. The methods are listed in their order of precedence.

The dashohome attribute

Each task has a dashohome attribute where you can specify the directory where DashO is installed. If this attribute is specified it takes precedence over all other methods. For example:

<watermark dashohome="/user/lizardo/dashox.y/app">

The dasho.home property

You can set a buildfile property called dasho.home that specifies DashO's install directory. If specified it takes precedence over any of the following methods. For example:

<project name="superzap" basedir=".">
    <property name="dasho.home" value="${user.home}/DashO x.y/app"/>

The property can also be set from the command line:

ant "-Ddasho.home=/Applications/PreEmptive Protection DashO"

Setting dasho.home this way will override any property setting done in your buildfile. Note that the entire argument needed to be quoted because the value contains a space. file

The ant-dasho.jar file can contain the file which provides a setting for dasho.home. You can display the current settings in this file by going to the ANT_HOME directory and running:

C:\>java -jar lib\ant-dasho.jar
dasho.home=C:\Program Files\PreEmptive Protection DashO x.y\app
dasho.license(masked)={masked license}

If this value is not correct, please see the instructions in Installation.

The environment

The DASHO_HOME environment variable can be used to specify DashO's install directory.

$ export DASHO_HOME=/opt/PreEmptive_Protection_DashO_x_y/app
$ echo $DASHO_HOME

C:\>set DASHO_HOME="C:\Program Files\PreEmptive Protection DashO x.y\app"
C:\>echo %DASHO_HOME%
C:\Program Files\PreEmptive Protection DashO x.y\app

Default locations

If no location is set the task will fall back to the default location where DashO would be installed. These locations vary by operating system: