Runs PreEmptive Protection™ DashO™ using an existing project file, specified by the project attribute.

Multiple warnings may be emitted during the build, but the process will stop immediately with an exit code of 1 if an error is encountered.

Task Specific Parameters

Attribute Description Required
project The name of an existing DashO project file to be executed or augmented. Yes
force If true, build continues when reflection is detected. No; defaults to false.

General Parameters

Attribute Description Required
append If true the file specified by output and error will have output appended rather than being overwritten. No; defaults to false
dashohome The location of DashOPro.jar. See Setting DashO Home for details. No
dir The directory where the process will be invoked. No; defaults to the basedir of the buildfile.
error Name of a file to which to write the error output. (Error messages print to the error output) No
errorProperty Name of a property in which to store the standard error output. (Error messages print to the standard error output) No
failonerror If true stops the buildprocess if the process exits with a returncode other than 0. No; defaults to true
if Execute only if the named property has been set. No
jvm The command used to invoke the Java Virtual Machine. The command is resolved by java.lang.Runtime.exec(). No; default is java.
maxmemory Max amount of memory to allocate to the process. No
newenvironment If true the old environment settings will not be propogated when new environment variables are specified. No; defaults to false.
output Name of a file to which to write the output of the process. No
outputProperty Name of a property in which to store the standard output. No
printstacktraces If true stack traces will be printed for errors. No; defaults to false.
quiet If true output will be terse. No; defaults to false.
resultproperty The property name which will contain the return code from the task. No
timeout Stop the process if it doesn't finish within the specified time in milliseconds. No
unless Execute only if the named property has not been set. No
verbose If true additional information will be printed. No; defaults to false.
deleteTempProject If false the created .dox file will not be deleted when DashO finishes. (Set verbose=true to show the file location) No; defaults to true.

Parameters specified as nested elements

arg and jvmarg

Use nested <arg> and <jvmarg> elements to specify arguments to DashO and the JVM respectively. See Command line arguments.


Use nested <sysproperty> elements to specify system properties required by DashO. This tag uses the same syntax as <env>: see the <exec> task for details.


Use nested <env> elements to add or replace environment variables passed to the process. See the <exec> task for details.


<obfuscate project="samples/simpleapp/project.dox">
    <sysproperty key="lib_dir" value="new_libs"/>
    <sysproperty key="collections_ver" value="2.1"/>

This task invokes a pre-existing project file. <sysproperty> elements are used to set path information and library version information that is used inside the project file.