Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.15.0 – Release Date August 20, 2014

Dotfuscator Pro Change Log

Published on August 20, 2014 by Alexander Goodwin

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Change Log – Version 4.15.0 – Release Date August 20, 2014


  • On supported platforms, Dotfuscator now injects the same instrumentation that is provided via the PreEmptive Analytics API for .NET. Supported platforms are “classic” .NET 4.0+, Windows Phone 8.x, and Windows Store.
  • Field and method signature exclusion rules now obey the Use “Regular Expression” option.


  • URL encoded package assemblies are now processed correctly for Appx packages.
  • makeappx.exe will now be found properly on 64bit computers with Visual Studio Express.
  • Fixed runtime bug with explicit overrides.
  • Fixed UI bug with decoding obfuscated stack traces in VSIP.
  • Fixed bug where analytics attributes with special characters would cause an ilasm error.
  • Ensured caught exception reporting never throws an exception.
  • Fixed various other bugs.