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Community Edition User Guide

Command Line Interface

After you have configured a Dotfuscator project using the Dotfuscator Community Edition (Dotfuscator CE) user interface, you may also build the project using Dotfuscator CE's command line interface (CLI). This feature makes it easy to integrate Dotfuscator's protection into your build pipeline.

Activating the CLI

The command line interface is exclusively available to registered users of Dotfuscator CE. To activate the interface, see these instructions on how to register Dotfuscator CE.

Once your copy of Dotfuscator CE is registered, the CLI is activated automatically.

Locating the CLI

The CLI is located in the Dotfuscator CE install directory:

[VS Install Dir]\Common7\IDE\Extensions\PreEmptiveSolutions\DotfuscatorCE\dotfuscatorCLI.exe

Where [VS Install Dir] is the location of your Visual Studio installation. For instance, Visual Studio 2017 Professional is installed by default at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional

Using the CLI

The simplest way of using the CLI is to run dotfuscatorCLI.exe with the path to an existing Dotfuscator project file as an argument.

Running dotfuscatorCLI.exe with the /? option will display a list of additional options that can be used in the CLI. Of particular interest is the /p option, which can specify project properties on the command line.

If a project file is specified alongside these options, the options usually override project file options for the build. The only exception is with specifying Inputs (using the /in flag), in which case the Inputs specified on the command line and the Inputs specified in the project file will be merged for the build.

For more use cases, including integration with MSBuild, see our blog post.

License Restrictions

While we have provided command line support for Dotfuscator CE as a way to automate the protection process, please take note of the specific licensing restrictions. The Dotfuscator CE license expressly prohibits the use of the product by commercial organizations for anything other than personal research and education. If you would like to use Dotfuscator on commercial projects, please consider evaluating Dotfuscator Professional Edition.

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