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Community Edition User Guide


Dotfuscator Community Edition (Dotfuscator CE) offers many application protection and hardening features immediately to all developers using Microsoft Visual Studio. However, there are more features available to users who upgrade their version of Dotfuscator.

Registering Dotfuscator CE

Registered users of Dotfuscator CE get access to additional features, such as command line support, which makes it easy to integrate Dotfuscator CE into your automated build process.

Registration is quick, simple, and free of charge. To register Dotfuscator CE, see the Registering Dotfuscator CE section on the Getting Started page.

Dotfuscator Professional

While Dotfuscator Community Edition provides a basic level of protection, PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Professional Edition includes enhanced obfuscation transforms and protection capabilities. These include:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Application Integrity Protection
    • Additional application defense behaviors.
    • The ability to inject anti-tamper and anti-debug code into .dll assemblies.
    • The ability to provide a warning period before an application's end-of-life deadline.
    • The ability to notify application code during an end-of-life warning period or after the deadline.
    • Telemetry encryption.
  • Application Monitoring
    • The ability to collect and save collected information during temporary network outages.
    • The ability to collect personally-identifiable information.
    • Unlimited use of feature tracking.
    • The ability to track exceptions caught and thrown by your code, in addition to unhandled exceptions.
    • The ability to track exceptions in .dll assemblies.
    • Telemetry encryption.

Dotfuscator Professional is the industry standard .NET Obfuscator and is suitable for enterprise developers requiring ongoing support, maintenance, and product updates. Additionally, Dotfuscator Professional offers tighter integration with Visual Studio and is licensed for commercial use.

For more information on the advanced application protection features of Dotfuscator Professional, please visit our Dotfuscator Overview page and compare it to Community Edition. Fully-supported trials are available on request at

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