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Dotfuscator Editions


Dotfuscator Professional Edition is the most capable, most powerful version of Dotfuscator. It is designed for organizations that produce commercial and enterprise applications. Dotfuscator Professional Edition provides superior protection to foil decompilation, advanced size reduction to conserve memory and improve load times, deep Visual Studio integration for seamless configuration, incremental obfuscation to release patches, watermarking to uniquely tag assemblies, and phone and technical support.

Community Edition

Dotfuscator Community Edition is a free version included with Visual Studio that offers basic obfuscation. Its main purpose is to rename identifiers, discouraging reverse engineering. Dotfuscator Community Edition incorporates advanced technologies to facilitate this protection and achieve some size reduction due to renaming to trivial identifiers.

Dotfuscator Community Edition does not provide additional techniques such as:

  • Control Flow
  • String Encryption
  • Removal

It also does not:

  • Integrate with MSBuild.
  • Integrate deeply with Visual Studio.
  • Obfuscate managed code meant to run inside Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Support Managed C++ applications.
  • Support certain packaging types such as ClickOnce

See Compare Dotfuscator Editions for additional differences.

If you need to go beyond these limitations, contact PreEmptive Solutions for more information about Dotfuscator Professional Edition.

This guide does not cover Dotfuscator Community Edition. Please see the guide included with that version for additional information.

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