About the Entrepreneur Program

The PreEmptive Entrepreneur Program provides startup software development teams the same premier protection and control enjoyed by larger enterprise companies. Members of the program benefit from special pricing, service and communication opportunities. PreEmptive also works to showcase the development efforts, innovations and best practices of Entrepreneur Program participants through webinars, newsletters and other public forums.

Today, there are over 500 ISVs in the Entrepreneur Program. Acceptance into the program is based in part on the size and organization of the prospective member and their willingness to be identified as a member and contribute testimonials and references in support of the program.

To see if you qualify for this program, please complete this form.

The following are just a few current Entrepreneur Program participants:

12d Solutions


Contactable Pty Ltd

Flow-Cal, Inc.

Hyperlean srl


Kenaro GmbH


Management Digital Data AG


NC Software, Inc.

NDN Software


Provaya LLC

Realized Solutions, Inc.

RNA Analytics Limited

Safe Engineering Services & Technology Ltd

Scinaptic Communications

Signotec GmbH

Specialized Data Systems

Stratis Business Systems



UIBS Teamwork Sp. z o.o.



WorkSmart Automation, Inc

Zoo Logic