The GDPR Compliance Relief Program is designed to provide small businesses with software and other resources designed to simplify and reduce the cost of complying with development-specific GDPR compliance requirements.

Recital 78 of the GDPR, directs developers to give “due regard to the state of the art” when “developing, designing, (and) selecting applications” that “process personal data” to “ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services (GDPR Article 32).”

Recital 78 concludes by recommending that the principle of “security by design and by default be considered” when selecting suppliers. Software vendors have two critical reasons to get GDPR compliance right; for their own compliance and to remain competitive in markets that also need to maintain their own GDPR compliance.

PreEmptive’s GDPR Compliance Relief Program provides unlimited access to:

  • Dotfuscator Community Edition VS 2017 with an extended license permitting commercial use
  • Sample code integrating with Microsoft Azure services including Application Insights
  • Access to live technical support
  • Access to monthly GDPR-related webinars specifically targeting development compliance with GDPR
  • Template GDPR controls and implementation project plans to further simplify and shorten compliance efforts.

There are no fees. Participation is complimentary for qualifying organizations. To see a list of organizations already enrolled, click here.

In order to be qualify, an organization must:

  • Have fewer than 50 employees,
  • Have a valid Microsoft license for Visual Studio 2017, and
  • Agree to be identified as a GDPR Compliance Relief Program participant.

To apply, please complete the form below.