In 2017, Sebastian Holst, Chief Strategy Officer and PreEmptive Solutions sat down with Alex Urbelis, CEO of Black Chambers Inc., an information security consultancy and Robert Barat, a producer and regular panelist on WBAI’s Off the Hook InfoSec radio show to talk about the most pressing social, economic, and legal issues surrounding hackers and hacking.

The topics were as wide ranging as they were relevant to any organization whose operations or business model are in any way dependent on the efficient and safe use of applications; in other words, virtually everyone.

The following webcasts have been extracted from the unabridged stream around these special topics.

As applications increase in value, hacking gets easier and the outcomes ever more dangerous.
Our increasing dependence on applications, the emergence of new application-specific regulatory and legal statutes, and the readily available (and increasingly user friendly) hacking kits are the subject of this webcast.

Hackers make a sport of circumventing application security controls, but it’s the criminals that are winning this game.
Alex and Robert discuss the mindset of the hacker community – which is by no means inherently criminal – and reflect on how criminal and commercial stakeholders are impacted.

Courts can find “implied negligence” when firms fail to take reasonable steps to protect application users.
What exactly are your legal obligations and how do you know if you are meeting them?

Investors appear to be embracing a radical new business model: vulnerability hunting as a basis for short selling responsible companies.
Alex discusses a new and disturbing precedent – rather than sharing vulnerabilities to mitigate their potential damage, hackers withhold their disclosure and, as an “outside trader,” to short sell impacted companies.