Dotfuscator User's Guide
Building the Project

A Visual Studio Dotfuscator project, like other Visual Studio project types, can be built at the project level and, by default, will be built when its containing solution is built. If you do not want your Dotfuscator project to be built for a particular solution configuration, you can turn off build using Visual Studio's Configuration Manager.

When a Dotfuscator project builds, it applies the settings for its active configuration to the inputs. The output packages and assemblies are then written to the directory specified on the project's Build property page.

During the build, Dotfuscator's output is written to Visual Studio's output window, and any build errors are added to the task list.

After a successful build, the output browser is updated. You can activate the output browser by double clicking the Output Browser item for your Dotfuscator project in the Solution Explorer. The output browser provides a view of your output assemblies similar to that provided by the class browser. It shows original and obfuscated symbol names, as well as indicating which symbols were removed from the input assemblies.

If you chose to generate HTML reports for renaming or removal, these too are available for viewing after a build.



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