Dotfuscator User's Guide
Instrumentation Injection

The development workflow for adding Application Analytics to an application is similar to obfuscating an assembly.  Both require configuring Dotfuscator to work with the specific assemblies, and both produce a set of output assemblies that match the input assemblies.  The only difference is the specific configuration elements that are used.  The output assemblies will contain all the run-time code necessary to collect and deliver the data.

The diagram below illustrates the workflow from the developer's point of view.

PreEmptive Analytics Message Types

PreEmptive Analytics defines several message types:

Application and Session Start and Stop messages (the application lifecycle messages) are intended to be sent when an application starts running and when it shuts down. The information contained in these messages is used to track application behavior and basic usage patterns. Extended usage and environment information is obtained by using the Feature, Performance Probe, or System Profile messages.

To have your application send these messages, you must:

See Example PreEmptive Analytics Enabled Application to see the contents of messages containing PreEmptive Analytics data.



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