Dotfuscator User's Guide
Configuring the Serialization Sample with the Graphical User Interface

The Dotfuscator graphical interface provides a visual means to produce a configuration file. Items to be excluded from renaming can be specified using the Rename tab of the interface. Expanding the assembly node in the tree shows a graphical view of the application structure, including all namespaces, types, and methods:

Graphically generating a renaming exclusion list is a two-step process in order to use the regular expression capability of the interface. First, create a type exclusion rule to match on the type "Tester". Do this by pressing the Add Type button. This adds a new node to the right-hand panel named simply Type.

Next, change the name field of this new node to Samples.Tester, reflecting the class to be excluded. Also, deselect the regular expression option since there is only one class to be excluded:

To add the field exclusion rule, right click on the newly added Samples.Tester node. This will bring up a context menu.

Choosing Add Field, causes a new node to be added to the tree. Change the name to ".*" to indicate that this expression should match all fields:


Pressing the Preview button applies the rules and shows the items that will be excluded in gray in the left-hand tree. A quick inspection shows this to be the desired outcome, with all fields from Samples.Tester excluded:

Building the project produces the correct output that can be verified with the output tab of the application:




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