Dotfuscator User's Guide
Directory Inputs

Dotfuscator provides the ability to obfuscate and/or instrument all files in a directory via a Directory Package input.  A Directory Package consists of a relative or absolute path to a directory and optionally a wildcard specifier (file mask) of which files to match.  All managed assemblies that match the file mask will be used as inputs to Dotfuscator.   Any unmanaged assemblies or other files that match the file mask will be listed as Package Artifacts and, while not processed by Dotfuscator, will be copied to the output directory during the build process.

To add a Directory Package select Add Input and type the path and a file mask wildcard to the Add Input dialog box.  You can also add an entire directory of files (*.*) by selecting the Browse button, navigating to the directory of your choice and leaving text Folder Select in the file name prompt.  You can specify an explicit path or use a Project Property to specify a substitution property for all or part of the path.

All project settings will be applied to all Directory Package assembly inputs and exclusion rules can be created and saved in the Dotfuscator project for any assemblies contained in the list of package assemblies.




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