Dotfuscator User's Guide
Enhanced Overload-Induction Method Renaming

Dotfuscator extends Overload-Induction™ by allowing a method’s return type or a field's type to be used as a criterion in determining method or field uniqueness. This feature allows up to 15% more redundancy in method and field renames. In addition, since overloading on method return type or field type is not allowed in source languages such as C# and VB, this further hinders decompilers.

This feature also relies on compile-time analysis of your application. Therefore, remote method calls cannot use this feature because remoting throws an ambiguous match exception when calling a method on a remote object that differs only by the return type from another method of the type. Therefore, when using remoting, you have two options. First, do not use enhanced overload induction; normal overload induction will still occurs and is perfectly safe. Second, exclude remotely called classes from renaming. Because of the risks involved in using this option with remoting, this feature is turned off by default.

For similar reasons, Enhanced Overload Induction is automatically suppressed on all types marked as serializable. If this is not the desired behavior, then the default can be changed by adding the "enhancedOIOnSerializables" option to the renaming section of the configuration file (see renaming options), or by checking the Include serializable types in Enhanced Overload Induction box on the Renaming Options tab in the user interface.




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