Dotfuscator User's Guide
Environment Attributes

PreEmptive Analytics code can be used to gather and send information about the system the application is running on. To add support for this to an application, place a SystemProfile attribute on a method in the application. When Dotfuscator encounters the attribute during its processing, it adds code to gather the system profile and send a message to a PreEmptive Analytics Endpoint. Typically this data only needs to be collected once during an application run.

Below is a high level description of the kind of system data that is gathered:


Category Examples of Collected Data
Processors Number of processors, clock speeds, manufacturer, and processor ID.
Logical Disks Number of logical disks, volume name, size, free space, file system
Memory Speed, capacity
Network Adapters IP address, MAC address
Domain Domain name and role
Display Name, refresh rate, vertical and horizontal resolution
Video Name, memory size, color depth,
Terminal Services Connections allowed
Sound Name, manufacturer
Modem Model, device type
Collected Data
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