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Generate New Shelf Life Token

When using Shelf Life with a Shelf Life Token Source Dotfuscator allows you to generate new Shelf Life Tokens easily by clicking View > Generate New Shelf Life Token... in the menu bar of Visual Studio, or by clicking Tools > Generate Shelf Life Token... in Dotfuscator.

Within the dialog box that displays, you can browse to and select the appropriate Shelf Life Activation Key file and optionally, a  PKCS #12 Private Key file to provide additional validation of the Shelf Life token. When using a private key file, enter the correct password in the Private Key File Password field. Set the Expiration Date and optionally set the Warning Date. Next to the Warning Date field is the Use Warning Date checkbox.  Clear this check box if you did not enable Warning Date behavior using the InsertShelfLifeAttribute during instrumentation, or if you enabled it during instrumentation but wish to provide an updated shelf life token that disables it.

When the Shelf Life Key information is determined to be correct, the Generate button is activated and ready to be clicked. Clicking this button generates a new Shelf Life Token that can be used by a Shelf Life instrumented application via the ShelfLifeTokenSource properties of the InsertShelfLifeAttribute. The Shelf Life Token Data can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

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