Dotfuscator User's Guide
HTML Renaming Report

The output mapping file is natively formatted as an XML document suitable for parsing. For a human readable renaming report, you can tell Dotfuscator to transform the output mapping file into an HTML formatted document. Dotfuscator will apply a predefined XSL document to the mapping file to accomplish the transformation. If you do not like the default HTML report, you can optionally specify your own XSL document to use for the transformation. The output report is placed in the same directory as the XML formatted mapping file. The filename will be the same as the XML file, but will have a .html extension rather than a .xml extension.

Example Title
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  <mapoutput overwrite="true">
   <file dir="c:\work" name="testout.xml"/>
      <!-- specifying your own XSL file is optional --> 
      <file dir="c:\mytransforms" name="map.xsl"/>



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