Dotfuscator User's Guide
Inclusion Rules

The include list section provides a dynamic way to fine tune the string encryption and pruning of the input assemblies. The user specifies a list of rules that are applied at runtime. If a rule selects a given class, method, field, property, or event then that item is included for string encryption or pruning.

These rules are applied in addition to rules implied by global options such as library.

Rules are logically OR-ed together.

Regular Expressions (REs) may be used to select namespaces, types, methods, fields, properties, or events. The optional regex attribute is used for this purpose. The default value of regex is false. If regex is true then the value of the name attribute is interpreted as a regular expression; if it is false, the name is interpreted literally. This is important since regular expressions assign special meaning to certain characters, such as the period.

Here are some examples of simple regular expressions:

Regular Expressions:
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.*                  Matches anything
MyLibrar.           Matches MyLibrary, MyLibrari, etc.
My[\.]Test[\.]I.*   Matches My.Test.Int1,My.Test.Internal, etc.
Get.*               Matches GetInt, GetValue, etc.
Get*                Matches Ge,Get,Gett,Gettt, etc.

Please refer to the .NET Framework documentation for a full description of the regular expression syntax.



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