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Input Mapping File

In Dotfuscator, the input mapping file allows you to import names that Dotfuscator created in a previous run (a process known as Incremental Obfuscation). Dotfuscator will make a best-effort attempt to rename classes, methods, and fields to the names indicated in the input mapping file.

The <mapinput> element allows you to specify the input mapping file. It also has an optional obfuscatereferences attribute, which defaults to "true" if not present. This attribute controls how Dotfuscator handles names contained in the input mapping file that are not defined within the set of input assemblies. When true, references to these names within the current set of input assemblies will be renamed.

Input Mapping File
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  <mapinput obfuscatereferences="true">
   <file dir="c:\work" name="testin.xml"/>
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