Dotfuscator User's Guide
Output Mapping File

This feature of Dotfuscator produces a log of all the renaming mappings used by Dotfuscator during a specific run. It also provides a statistics section.

Specifying this option instructs Dotfuscator’s renamer to keep track of how things were renamed for both your immediate review and for possible use as input in a future Dotfuscator run. A file is created from this option that is then used in the incremental input file option.

Accidental loss of this file can destroy your chances of incrementally updating your application in the future. Therefore, proper backup of this file is crucial. For this reason, Dotfuscator automatically renames an existing map file with the same name before overwriting it with a new version of the map file.

If you do not want Dotfuscator to rename existing map files before overwriting, set the attribute overwrite="true".

The format of the mapping file is discussed in the section on identifier renaming.

Setting the Attribute to Overwrite
Copy Code
  <mapoutput overwrite="true">
   <file dir="c:\work" name="testout.xml"/>



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