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PreMark Elements

The premark section contains sub-elements that allow you to specify which input assemblies you would like to watermark, a passphrase to use if you are encrypting your watermark string, a character encoding to use, and the watermark string itself.

Assemblies to Watermark

The assemblies you want to watermark are listed using an <assemblylist> element. Each must also be listed as an input assembly.


The <passphrase> element specifies the passphrase to use when encrypting the watermark string. The watermark string will be encrypted if you have set the usepassphrase option and the passphrase itself is set.


The <encoding> element specifies the character encoding, or character map, to use when encoding the watermark string. The <encoding> element has a name attribute that you can set to a supported character map. Character maps and their names are described in the Character Maps section.


The <watermark> element specifies the string that you want to apply to the selected assemblies. The string is first encoded using the character map, then optionally encrypted.


This example configures PreMark to apply a watermark to MyApp.exe. The watermark string, MY WATERMARK is first encoded using the 6bit-a character map, then encrypted with the passphrase "mommy".

PreMark Elements
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        <file dir="${configdir}" name="MyApp.exe" />
    <encoding name="6bit-a" />
    <watermark>MY WATERMARK</watermark>


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