Dotfuscator User's Guide
PreMark Options

The watermarker supports several configuration options.

The usepassphrase option tells the watermarker to encrypt the watermark string before applying it to the selected assemblies.

The truncatestring option tells the watermarker to truncate the watermark string if it will not fit in a given assembly. The default action is to halt the build if the watermark string is too large. See Watermark String Length for more details.

The disable option is used primarily for convenience and troubleshooting purposes. When set, Dotfuscator skips the watermarking step altogether, regardless of what’s in the rest of the premark section.

PreMark Options
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<!--Skip watermarking, ignoring rest of section-->
<!--Encrypt the watermark string -->
<!--Truncate the string and continue if the string is too big -->

Note: PreMark options are not case sensitive.

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