Dotfuscator User's Guide
Project Configurations

With the exception of inputs and their properties, Visual Studio Dotfuscator Project settings are configuration dependent. In other words, you can have different obfuscation settings based on the current active configuration. For example, in a debug build you may want to emit the debugging symbol file, while for a release build you might not.

Dotfuscator project configurations are managed with Visual Studio's Configuration Manager in the same way as other Visual Studio project types. Through the Configuration Manager, you can edit, create, and remove Dotfuscator project configurations. You can also associate them with your solution configurations.

By default, when you create a Dotfuscator project, two project configurations are created for you and associated with the corresponding solution configuration: Debug and Release. These two configurations are identical at project creation time, except the debug configuration has a project property set to Emit Debugging Symbols.



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