Dotfuscator User's Guide
Remoting Sample

The remoting sample demonstrates using Dotfuscator in an application that makes use of .NET Remoting. In a typical remoting application, objects that are to service remote invocations are registered with the runtime before they can be invoked. When an invocation request arrives, the runtime instantiates a server object dynamically using reflection. Since this process happens at runtime, there is no way for Dotfuscator to know at analysis time what types must be excluded. Manual user intervention is required to make sure that Dotfuscator does not rename remoted types.

The remoting sample demonstrates how to configure Dotfuscator to selectively exclude types from renaming. This sample also demonstrates how to configure multiple assemblies in the same Dotfuscator project. Instructions are included for using both the command line and the graphical interface of Dotfuscator.



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