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Removal Report

The removal report provides a summary of all the elements removed by Dotfuscator during a specific run, including a statistics section. Dotfuscator writes the removal report in a parsable and easily transformed XML format. Like the renaming map file, Dotfuscator has a default transform that can generate a human readable HTML formatted version of the report.

Dotfuscator automatically renames an existing removal report with the same name before overwriting it with a new version.

If you do not want Dotfuscator to rename existing removal reports before overwriting, set the attribute overwrite="true".

The XML format of the removal report file is discussed in the section on pruning.

Removal Report
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<removalreport overwrite="true">
  <file dir="c:\work" name="report.xml"/>
     <!-- specifying your own XSL file is optional -->
     <file dir="c:\mytransforms" name="removal.xsl"/>


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