Dotfuscator User's Guide
Selecting By Supertype

Supertype rules are qualified by type rules, so they appear in the rules view as children of type nodes. A supertype rule will narrow the scope of a type rule so that only types matched by the parent type rule that also derive from the specified supertype are selected.

Supertype Name

You create a supertype rule by right clicking on the parent type rule’s node and selecting Add Supertype, then typing a name in the Name field. The name will be interpreted as a regular expression if the Regular Expression checkbox is checked; otherwise the name will be interpreted literally.

Supertype Rule Node

The corresponding supertype node displayed in the rule editing view has a child element that indicates whether the rule is a regular expression. You can preview the types selected by the rule by right clicking on the node and selecting the Preview option from the menu.


In the screen shot, a supertype rule is defined that selects all types that are supertypes of System.Attribute.



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