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SmartObfuscation Section

Smart Obfuscation allows Dotfuscator to auto detect elements that cannot be renamed or removed based on specific rules for the application type. Smart Obfuscation is turned on by default, and in most cases should be left on. It can be turned off by setting an option in this section in cases where the user believes that aggressive obfuscation will not hurt the application.

Smart Obfuscation includes a reporting facility and this section allows you to configure the verbosity of the report. Allowed values for the verbosity attribute are all, warningsonly, and none. The default value is all.

The Smart Obfuscation report can optionally be written to disk. Dotfuscator automatically renames an existing Smart Obfuscation report with the same name before overwriting it with a new version. If you do not want Dotfuscator to rename the existing Smart Obfuscation report before overwriting, set the attribute overwrite="true".

The XML format of the Smart Obfuscation report is discussed in the Smart Obfuscation section.

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  <!—- Skip smart obfuscation, ignoring rest of section -->
  <smartobfuscationreport verbosity="all" overwrite="true">
    <!-- Specifying a destination report file is optional -->
    <file dir="c:\myproject" name="smartobfuscation.xml"/>


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