Dotfuscator User's Guide
Solution Explorer and the Dotfuscator Project Tree

When working with Dotfuscator Projects in Visual Studio, Solution Explorer is the starting point. Like many other project types, Dotfuscator projects appear as trees in Solution Explorer.

The top level project item in the Dotfuscator project tree always has the name that you have given to your Dotfuscator project. You can access the project's property pages from this item through its context menu. See Project Properties for a description of the property pages that a Dotfuscator project provides.

There are always three items immediately under the top level Dotfuscator Project item:

Input Assemblies Folder

This is where you manage the inputs that are to be obfuscated. Right clicking on this item gives you a context menu that may be used to add Inputs . Once added, each package and assembly appears as an item in the folder. An input may be removed from the project by selecting the item and pressing the Delete key. See Working with Inputs for more information about the different kinds of inputs.

Configuration Options Folder

This folder contains an item for each available configuration editor. You can display the editor by double clicking the appropriate item.

Output Browser Item

After you build your Dotfuscator project, you can browse the output assemblies by double clicking this item. The output browser provides a view of your assemblies similar to that provided by class browser. It shows original and obfuscated symbol names, as well as indicating which symbols were removed from the input assemblies.



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