Dotfuscator User's Guide
The PreMark Editor

The PreMark editor allows you to select assemblies for watermarking and to set up the watermark that will be applied to the selected assemblies.

For new projects, the default setting for the PreMark transform is Disabled.

Selecting Assemblies

The list of input assemblies is displayed on the left. Checking the box in front of an assembly selects it for watermarking.

Watermarking Options

You can choose to encrypt your watermark string before it is applied to your input assemblies. The encryption is based on a pass phrase that you provide. When you check the Encrypt Using Passphrase box, the passphrase entry text box becomes enabled and you can then enter your passphrase.

Note: Encryption can increase the size of the watermark that is applied to your input assemblies.

Dotfuscator cannot predict whether an encoded and potentially encrypted watermark string will fit in a given output assembly. At watermarking time, if the string does not fit, you can tell Dotfuscator what to do via the When Watermark String is Too Big dropdown. You can select whether it should automatically truncate the watermark string and issue a warning, or halt the build with an error.

Character Map

Your watermark string must be encoded to bytes before it is applied to an assembly. Dotfuscator provides several built in Character Maps that are optimized for small, commonly used, character sets. Using one of them will allow larger watermark strings to fit in any given assembly. If none of the specialized character maps fit your needs, you can select the standard UTF-8 encoding.

Watermark String

When entering your watermark string, the user interface will notify you if you type a character that is not included in the currently selected character map.




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