Dotfuscator User's Guide
The Rename Options Tab

The Rename Options tab is used to set renaming options and identify map files to be used for incremental obfuscation.


The Renaming Option section contains three checkboxes used to select or deselect the Enhanced Overload Induction, Keep Namespace, and Keep Hierarchy options.

You can select your preferred Renaming Scheme from the dropdown list. The predefined renaming schemes are described in Renaming Schemes.

Checking the Randomize name assignment checkbox will assign the new names in a non-linear order. So instead of assigning Lower Alpha names in the order {a, b, c, d,...}, you would get something more like {u, p, k, f,...}. This option will work with any Renaming Scheme.

Checking the Compatibility with XML serializer checkbox adds additional rules to the renamer. All classes and members will be renamed in a way that allows XML Serialization. See XML Serialization and Renaming.

Checking the Introduce explicit method overrides when renaming checkbox allows overriding methods to have different names from those of the methods they override.

You can select a rename prefix by checking the Rename Prefix checkbox. The text that you enter in the textbox is added to the beginning of every obfuscated type name. If you do not enter any text, Dotfuscator selects a prefix for each input module, based on the module name. See Renaming Prefixes for more information about renaming prefixes.

The Map Input File section allows you to specify a map file from a previous run so that the naming scheme is retained across successive Dotfuscator runs, a process known as Incremental Obfuscation. Specific details of this feature are presented in the Incremental Obfuscation section. Two approaches are available. If you know the name and path of the mapping file you want to use, you can type it directly into the edit box. Alternatively, you can browse your file system for the intended file location. The Browse button on the right of the edit box brings up the Select Map Input File window that provides a familiar navigational dialog.

For ease of navigation, this screen has a note marked with an asterisk (*) at the bottom reminding you that the Map Output File is configured on the Renaming Reports Tab located in the Settings Tab.



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