Dotfuscator User's Guide
User Defined Assembly Load Path

Dotfuscator needs to load assemblies referenced by your input assemblies in order to discover information about types you are using in your input assemblies. Dotfuscator uses discovery rules similar to the rules used by Visual Studio and the CLR itself.

If a referenced assembly cannot be found using the default search rules, Dotfuscator provides a way for you to specify additional directories in which to look for referenced assemblies. Dotfuscator searches these directories in the specified order as the last step in its algorithm. However, if the prepend option (the Search First checkbox in the Project Properties and Settings Tab) is used, then Dotfuscator searches the load path before applying its standard search.

To add a User Defined Assembly Load Path to your XML configuration file:

Adding a User Defined Assembly Load Path
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      <file dir="C:\temp" />



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