Dotfuscator User's Guide
Working with Inputs

Input packages and assemblies are displayed in the Dotfuscator project tree in Solution Explorer in the Input Assemblies folder. You can add inputs by using the context menus associated with the top level project item, the Input Assemblies folder item, or from Visual Studio's Project menu.

There are two ways to add input assemblies, depending on whether you want to obfuscate an output from another Visual Studio project in your solution, or simply obfuscate a package or assembly on your file system.

Input Assemblies from other Projects

To have Dotfuscator use another project's output, you add the input assembly via the Add Project Output item that is on the Dotfuscator project's context menu or on Visual Studio's project menu. Selecting this item shows Dotfuscator's Add Project Output dialog. From this dialog you can browse the other projects in your solution.

Each Visual Studio project type defines a set of output groups that other projects may access. Output groups contain files that are created by the source project. For example, in the screen shot below, the GettingStarted C# project defines an output group called Primary output and places the output binary in it (GettingStarted.exe).

The contents of an output group can vary by project configuration. For example, the GettingStarted project creates a GettingStarted.exe for both the Debug and Release configurations, but these are written to different directories when a build is performed. You can tell Dotfuscator to always use a particular output group based on configuration, or you can tell Dotfuscator to always use the output group from whichever project configuration is currently active. When you select the active configuration, Dotfuscator will automatically update its inputs whenever the source project's configuration changes.

Inputs from the File System

To tell Dotfuscator about a package or input assembly on your file system, you add the input via the Add Input item that is on the Dotfuscator project's context menu or on Visual Studio's project menu. Selecting this item brings up a file browse dialog that will allow you to choose one or more inputs.



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