Dotfuscator User's Guide
Working with Projects

To create a new project, you need to do three things:

1: Select Inputs

From the Input Tab, you can use the toolbar to add an input package and/or assembly. From the Add Input dialog, you can type in the package or assembly’s directory and file name, type in a directory and file mask, or browse the file system for an input or folder.

2: Specify the Destination Directory

When you create a new project, the output directory is set by default to ${configdir}\Dotfuscated. The ${configdir} is a built-in property that is expanded to the folder that your project file is saved to.

Alternatively, you can browse your file system for the intended destination directory. The Browse button on the right of the Destination Directory field brings up the Select Destination Directory dialog that provides a directory navigation tree.

3: Save the Project Configuration File

You can save your project by either selecting File > Save Project or File > Save Project As from the menu or by clicking on the Save Project button on the toolbar. Navigate to your project directory, fill in your project configuration file name, click the Save button, and the project will be saved.



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